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Misuse of Arlong's name

You know, with the recent chapter I'm wondering if Arlong's gonna make an appearance or something.

Further more, I think Nami's goign to make a comment about Hordy being nothing like Arlong's goal or something in a surprise defence. She already will hate him for trying to carry on Arlong's will and she enternally hates Arlong, but she might actually see what Hordy is doing as a missuse of the Arlong name. She might also offend Hordy when she tells him she was a Arlong pirate, and that he doesn't believe Arlong would take a human in. Either way, it looks like Nami's going to actually be a keynote here in something big at some point and we looking to see a big "Nami reacts to her past in regards to Hordy".

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