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    Hiya, people!

    This is obviously my first time writing a prediction, so I know there are still a lot of mistakes/plot errors in it. If you'd be so kind to point 'em all out, I'd totally appreciate that. Anyway, I focused only on Sanji and co, because I personally find their current situation more interesting (what Luffy had done was completely expected of him). I purposely made this short because I want to see if I could continue with writing this, and because I'm still trying to give it a more solid plot with better and more interesting fights. XD

    Credits: awesome title is courtesy of my Tou-chan! And ofc, Rici-nii, who encouraged me to finally write one. Thanks, guys!

    Zoro, Sanji-in-Nami, and Brook all watch in horror as The Slime slides close…

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