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  • Alkonis

    God dammit! I had quite a blog entry written, and then I hit the back button by accident (stupid laptop!) and erased it!

    Sigh. Oh well. Time to start over, I suppose.

    I decided to take a break just as the flashback to the days of the legendary shipwright Tom and his pupils, Cutty Flam (now known as the cyborg Frankie) and Iceburg (deceased mayor of Water Seven). Flashbacks tend to bore me, you see, and it is the perfect time to blog!

    Where should I start? There's been so much drama! Usopp and Nico Robin have abandoned the Strawhat crew, and now the secretive organization known as CP9 is going rampant!

    I suppose I'll go through them as I named them, meaning we begin with Usopp. I'll admit, I've never been the biggest fan of Usopp, but I really…

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  • Alkonis

    Entering Water Seven

    June 18, 2010 by Alkonis

    The entirety of the Davy Back fight was such a terrible disappointment that I dare not detail the rest of my thoughts on it.

    I was delightfully surprised to stumble upon the introduction of Aokiji, Admiral of the Marines and user of the ice Devil Fruit. He has given the first insight to Nico Robin's background, which interests me greatly. I'd love to know more of her! She's a very interesting character, after all, and seems to be the gateway our discovering the world's history, something that I eagerly await. Chopper, my current favorite Strawhat, skillfully saved the day by thawing his crew mates, and I always enjoy seeing Chopper's skills and know-how put to good use! I almost had a heart attack when I thought he might be stolen by the Fo…

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  • Alkonis

    Davy Back Fight

    June 17, 2010 by Alkonis

    So I've been reading some more One Piece. The Foxy Pirate just beat the Strawhats in the ship race.

    This is the first time in this manga that I've noticed blatant terrible writing. Several things didn't make sense.

    First of all, Nico Robin. She could have not only wrecked the other crew and their ship, but also completely shut down the crowd as they attempted to interfere. So what does she do, even faced with the glaring opportunity to drown an overboard opponent? She sits back, reading her porno, having her hands oh-so-usefully paddle.

    Seriously, can someone tell me why Robin didn't solo that shit right off the bat?

    Secondly, Nami. The girl can literally hurl tornadoes, but they chose to completely forget that!

    And to further explore the silli…

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  • Alkonis

    Pushing Forward

    June 17, 2010 by Alkonis

    I've just finished the Skypiea arc of One Piece, and I can't really decide if I liked it or not. I feel that it's very well done, but for some reason I just couldn't get into it. I guess it might be the overwhelming feeling of all these important events unfolding in a kingdom that literally exists in the sky. Too easy to get caught up in all the confusion and amazement and lose track of the story.

    Anyways, I'm now about to enter the Davy Back arc, or so the Wiki says. I've heard a few good things about it, so I'm certainly excited! Right now I'm reading Doflamingo toy with his subordinates. I didn't expect him to be such a ruthless man. Oh well! What else can you expect from the Shichibukai?

    On that note, I am a little thrown by the bounties…

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