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  • Alelucas

    What do we already know?!

    1. The Mokomo-Pirates alliance will split in three crews.
    2. The Find-the-Phoenix crew will go after Marco the Phoenix.
    3. The Wano-Liberation crew will go to Wano Country.
    4. The Sanji-Rescue crew will go to Big Mom tea party.
    5. The three crews will rendez-vous at Wano and will fight the Shogun.
    6. If they defeat the Shogun, they will fight Kaido.

    What do I predict?!

    About Sanji-Rescue Mission :

    1. Sanji's bride is Lola a.k.a. Marriage Proposal Lola !!!
    2. Luffy AWAKENS at Big Mom tea party.
    3. Big Mom becomes Luffy's underling.
    4. Defeating an Yonko, Luffy equals Blackbeard.
    5. Luffy get his hands on Big Mom's Road Poneglyph.

    About Find-the-Phoenix Mission :

    1. Zoro goes with Boss Nekomamushi and Duke Inuarashi.
    2. Marco is with Shanks.
    3. Shanks had saved Marco.
    4. Zoro r…

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