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  • Aldarinor

    Hey there fellow editors! :) As promised, I’m back with a new story! This time, the fight might result less “epic”, due to it being a minor one. It’ something which took place several years before the OP current storyline, a battle which was only touched on, but received no space “on screen”… ‘Till now!!! :)


    The New World. A place which accepts only the strongest ones. Only the top pirates, Marines and adventurers are allowed into its seas, seeking fortune in such a vast, boundless blue expanse, pursuing their goals: treasures, knowledge, fame, fortune, and various meanings of what mankind calls justice… Be it legitimate or not. However, most of the ones who managed to survive the first half of the Grand Line, ridiculously referred…

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  • Aldarinor

    Hey there guys! =)

    Well, there we are. This is my first blog post, as well as my first fight prediction!

    Yeah, as you might imagine, the great Imhungry4444 gave me inspiration for writing about this. I found his work awesome, and so I wanted to write something similar, too!

    I’m afraid it might be a little too long… I didn’t manage to put everything I wanted to write about in less space…

    I really hope you enjoy what I wrote, and that you have the strength and willpower to read it all… :P

    I did my best in order to write this, and so there shouldn’t be English mistakes… If there are, however, please forgive me, as I’m not English, nor American, nor naturally English-speaking… :P

    Well, that said… Here’s the fight! Enjoy!

    Kyouchou Cove, the New World.…

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