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Hey there guys, I'm kinda new here and this is my first blog. So do be merciful if it isn't the ideal way of writing a blog or whatever.

So, I've been commenting on some blogs and I've seen that for some reason people aren't really fond of power level blogs and I can't really see the reason for it. I mean like, fighting IS one of the main subjects in One Piece.

Anyways, on to topic, so this is basically some sort of power level blog but please do read it til the end and then make up your mind, thank you.

So I just recently re-watched the Thriller Bark arc in order to watch again Brook's jokes and history. Eventually I got to the part where Nightmare Luffy appears and totally kicks Oars's ass and I've been wondering, who is stronger - Nightmare Luffy or Luffy Post-Timeskip and by how much, I think I have a clear opinion on the matter which I guess I'll post later on.

Another thing which might help the comparison - how will they fare against one of the Admirals (Pre-Timeskip) or anyone that you think seems fit for this comparison considering that Nightmare Luffy doesn't last for only 10 minutes? Will Luffy Post-Timeskip be able to sustain his Gear Second/Third long enough to bring them down?

I know that we haven't seen much of Luffy's new powers and strength yet but do try to assume using what is already known.

Well, that's about it, I hope it isn't a really bad blog and well, it is my first blog so try being nice =)