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Hey guys, so I'm here again with my second blog and this time, about Kuma's Devil Fruit abilities.

So, every fruit's power so far (the ones I remember at least) is actually represented more or less by its name. As you all probably know, Kuma's powers have nothing to do with paws (except for their actual shape) so, why do you think it's a called Paw Paw fruit? What grants him the ability to repel every attack, create bombs, create a shot that pierces through anything, transport people to different places and the 1M[1] question - How the hell does he extract pain from a person's body and gives it to somebody else?! If you ask me that's one of the handiest abilites there are, no need for a ship because you can just transport yourself to wherever, no need for a doctor, simply extract all the damage recieved and you're good to go, but it's too overpowered! How can you beat a guy like that?

So go ahead and share your thoughts, every comment would be appreciated.