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This is my first post so please go easy on me. ((:

When Big Mam was first mentioned by Kid and her first "picture" from the green data book was released, I immediately felt that she is Lola's mother. I know I'm speculating but my claim is not really baseless. If you will take a look at this page, Lola's crewmate's reaction, upon hearing Lola's mom being mentioned, was extraordinary (the onepiece standard for extraordinary). And I don't know but for some reason, I am betting my life that Charlotte Linlin is Lola's mother.

I came up with this blog because Big Mam will surely be appearing soon and judging from the last chapter, her appearance means trouble. This way, if the Strawhats get into trouble (or the whole FI) and IF Big Mam really is Lola's mom, Lola's signed Vivre Card might be their ticket to their own safety.

Just thinking. Comments are welcome. (why do i get the feeling that a lot of people would bash me here? haha.)