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Thoughts on Devil Fruits

So as we know Devil fruits play a huge part In the series and there are a wide range of them, but they're in 3 Main categories, I'm not sure If this has already been discussed It probably has but can you guys answer these questions based on your opinions, If you think they grow on trees then maybe they are like Cuckoos they can grow on whatever tree or shrub they like

Kalifa Eats Devil Fruit

Where do you think Devil fruits originated from?

Do you think they come from the Void Century?

Why do you think that not being able to swim is the curse for eating one?

Do you think they have anything to do with the devil?

What secrets do you think Vegapunk knows about them?

Do you think they grow on Trees?

Why do you think they taste horrible?

and please Just tell me what your thoughts are on them whether you like them or not

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