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Given that you have all the money in the world at your disposal and all the resources of professional game developers / programmers ready to serve your request and you get to choose what kind of game based on a specific arc (arc only, not saga and not the whole OP story from day 1 to latest), how will you make the game?

1) Which arc will it be based on?

2) What type of game will it be? E.g. fighting (King Of Fighters / Street Fighter / Fatal Fury), RPG (Final Fantasy), first person shooter (Call of Duty), bash-em-up (Batman: Arkham series), real time strategy (Warcraft, Command and Conquer, Starcraft), DOTA, etc

3) Mention any specific detail(s) of in-game-characterisation, e.g. Luffy being main player, who is the final boss, the settings, etc

I will go first.

Game 1

A chess game about Marineford War. On the chess grid, obviously the white will be marines with Sengoku as the King piece and black being pirates with WB as the King piece. Pawns will be the standard fodders of each side. The beauty of the game is

1) being able to choose specific characters to represent the remaining pieces (queen, rooks, bishops and knights), so I may choose Akainu as white queen, Luffy as knight, etc

2) the choosen characters (all pieces except the pawns) has the attribute of the choosen character's ability or powers that can be activated in-game to gain advantages

Game 2

A bash-em-up style for the Impel Down arc. Luffy will be main hero (duh!) with occasional NPC (non playable character) assisting him along the way - kinda similar to the Kingdom Hearts game with Donald and Goofy (most of the time) assisting Sora. Starts from Luffy hiding under Hancock's robe entering the prison, all the way to the epic farewell gift from Bon-chan... wu~ ~ wu~ ~ *tears*

Game 3

A DOTA style network game of Marineford war with up to 10 players (5 per each team). Choose from the various characters in the story and win by having pirates successfully pushed in to the plaza or the marines pushed out to Moby Dick. Abilities and powers are, of course, available for use.

Game 4

An RPG game for the Enies Lobby arc, starting from the siege at the main door up to the epic final battle. One character to lead the game, character changable to any of the other StrawHats at various specific "change" points to utilise their unique abilities and specialties in order to unlock doors, find key items, fight minor villains, etc to advance with the game. Boss fights are played with fixed characters e.g. Lucci vs Luffy, Kaku vs Zoro

Happy weekend, people.

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