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How many of you have ever thought about the dispersion of New World territory between the four Yonkos? Four Yonkos here refers to the time BEFORE Marineford war (Shanks, Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mam)

Assuming that the four Yonkos, equal in influence and strength, claims the same size of share of the territory, I can think of two possible models.


i) Point A denotes the entry into the New World from Paradise. Here I am making an assumption that 1. Mariejois and FI shares the same longitude and latitude, with Mariejois being directly above FI on the Red Line, and 2. both Mariejois and FI are in the middle of the Red Line

ii) Point B denotes the possible location of Raftel, which was said to be at the end of NW, near the Reverse Mountain.

iii) The areas in white denotes open waters not under any Yonko's influence and could also include areas under Marine influence (e.g. location of G5 base) as well as independent islands (e.g. PH, Wano)

iv) Just to further clarify on the statement "all Yonko has equal share of terrirory", despite the Red Hair pirates are still (so far) known to be a one-ship pirate crew, this does not cause them to have a lesser share compared to the other fellow Yonko (e.g. WB pirates)

First model

This model was based on the direct thought of an equal split basis. Think of the NW waters as a whole round cake. If you are to share it evenly between 4 members, at first thought you will cut it horizontally and then vertically, hence 4 equal shares. 

One flaw to this model being two Yonko is closest to Red Line and furthest from Reverse Mountain, and the opposite is true for the other two Yonko.

On a positive side all Yonko has only two fronts to defend against opposition.

Second model

This model was based on the earlier known fact about how one travels from Reverse Mountain to Red Line (i.e. Paradise route). Do you remember a picture of illustration with Shakky explaining the 7 possible routes to travel to get to SA? Its based on this concept.

All Yonko has an end at the Red Line and another at Reverse Mountain, thus (though not for sure at the moment) all has equal opportunity to move to Raftel's location (point B).

Yonko who rule area (Yonko Territory) 1 and 4 only has one front to defend but the other two who rule area 2 and 3 has to face oppositions at two fronts, thus being at a disadvantage.

Based on these two models, let's revisit certain known facts or events occured in canon manga:

1) Claiming FI under one's territory

We are aware that FI was previously under WB, and then afterwards BM. Examining first model, it makes sense if both WB and BM rules over area 2 or 4. Its not possible if either WB or BM rules over area 1 or 3 because they are so far away.

Under the second model, it can still make sense regardless which area WB or BM owns (since all has an end near the Red Line) but since assumption made with point A, I'd bias to think WB and BM owns area 2 or 3.

2) WB pirate army mobilize to Marineford war

We have seen how many vessels in total that WB has, inclusive his commanders and allies. And to mobilize such a mass army under first model can only mean he rule the area near the Red Line (either 2 or 4), otherwise if he rule at 1 or 3, he and his army may face massive assault from the other Yonko as he travel to Red Line.

Under the second model, equal opportunity to rule any one of the areas because all has an end near the Red Line

Any other thoughts about the way the New World dispersion between the four Yonkos, apart from the two models above?

Do you know of any other mentioned facts (stick to canon manga please) which could have justify who owns where in any of the models mentioned above?