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Yabusame - EP536

AYET February 24, 2012 User blog:AYET


  • We saw when Hody goes into the pose (minute 12:21), an impression of Arlong was seen (via Zoro's eye). I could not remember well, did Arlong used this technique before in the past against the SHP? I did not see any info regarding this under Arlong's page. Later at minute 17:24, Hody asked Zoro if Arlong used this technique on him before, but because they are submerged underwater, Zoro could not reply
  • Then we see how the Yabusame water droplets turns into arrows (minute 12:28), and a cool scene of how Zoro just casually parry the water arows away using only the hilt of his Wado Ichimonji (minute 12:35). Totally BADA$$!!!
  • And finally, it seems that the Yabusame can be used underwater (minute 17:59), implying the same technique used but instead of using water droplets (since they are already underwater), it should be using air bubbles instead. Similarly, we see the air bubble (should not be water droplets, not logical being underwater) turns into arrows, which Mr. Bada$$ counters with Santoryu Tatsu Maki.

Super cool chapter, the best anime to show Zoro's bada$$ne$$ yet!

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