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The fateful confrontation (Luffy vs Doflamingo) draws closer as the chapters goes by.

Based on the past, it should boil down to a one on one brawl between the two.

But one thing came into my mind.

This currently is Luffy's greatest opponent yet, the abilities and battle strength of his single foe got upgraded a notch from last since (I think) Magellan. (Luffy ain't focus on one-on-one fights during Marineford, Hody is just a tank with no significant battle abilities and Caesar is just "gassy")

How much have Luffy mature since the critical defeat at SA, we have yet to know. But here are some interesting questions:

1) Assume that its Doflamingo alone (no more family members left, no Burgess, no Issho, zit!) facing Luffy and Luffy had someone offering assistance to tip the odds against his opponent (say, comes Sabo or Zoro or Issho turning against Doflamingo or a sudden rejuvenated Law - though the latter two are highly unlikely), will Luffy accept the advantage - hence a handicap fight against Doflamingo or will he rather go at it alone - bringing "pride" and/or "honor" into his fights?

2) If Doflamingo proves to be several notches too high a foe that Luffy clearly and obviously could not defeat at this time (this may lead to comment arguments but do focus on the point that I am trying to sell here), will he (willingly or unwillingly is a different matter altogether) accept assistance or will he prefer to die trying?

I am wondering if his critical and utter "defeat" at SA by Kizaru and Kuma and the loss of Ace at Marineford taught him a lesson or two about what's necessary to protect someone you cared for.