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Our name was decided by our parents, nothing much to say about it other than we do not get to decide our own name. However we do get to decide what to name our digital self in the online world (this wikia for instance) and what intrigues me was the reason behind why we choose that name that we are represented by now.

Before we start, lets see what different kinds of categorization of nicks (nicknames) do the community here use. The most popular category being nicks that are directly linked to OP, e.g. DancePowderer, LuffyPirateKing, Monkey.D.Me, Pacifista15, Straw Hat Boy, FireFist553, etc. Then we have nicks that are related to our real name, like mine (AYET) as example and Tuckyd (I am guessing). Then we have those nicks which seems almost random or unknown origins, e.g. Imhungry4444, Awesome!, Neowitch, Uknownada, The_Humanoid_Typhoon, Ricizubi etc. And we also have nicks inspired by external source, e.g. Blackendedsoul. Generally these are the categorizations that I can think of (let me know if you can think of others).

Here comes my actual question, I am extremely curious why people do things the way they did, in this case - why choose the current nick that you are representing yourself with? While some may be quite obvious and requiring less thoughts (e.g. LPK due to the popularity and highly likelihood of Luffy being the next pirate king), some others are quite an interesting curiosity altogether. A few notable examples of curiosities that I have currently:

  • Why DP chooses Dance Powder? What's about the rain-invoking stuff that attracts him enough to name himself with it?
  • Why IH calls himself Imhungry? Was it that he's always a hungry person? And also why the four 4s?
  • Granit Hysaj... How did this nick came from?
  • Does PX sees resemblance of himself to a pacifista, hence he chooses it as his nick? And why 15?
  • Ricizubi, is that Rici's real name?
  • Does Panda like the movie Kung Fu Panda so much that she decides to take on the titular character's epithet "PandaWarrior"?

Basically this blog calls for community members to elaborate why you choose the nick name that you are using now. For those who does not mind sharing, please do and thank you.