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Another blog? ... >_> ... <_< ... ^_^ why not!

OK, we have seen (during Marineford arc) that when the Marines put Ace to public execution, the whole WhiteBeard pirate crew and their allies came to the rescue. Not only that, there was this scrap pirates crew lead by the little brother Luffy also came to rescue him. So this blog makes a parody over this matter - if you put someone up for (public) execution, who will come (to rescue)? E.g. 

  • Put Brook for execution and the entire StrawHat pirates will come! Laboon will definitely turn up to lend a hand- erm, flipper! The people of Harahetternia / Nakamura Island and also the Longarm tribe fellow will definitely NOT come. And last but not least, the millions and MILLIONS of the Soul King fans will definitely appear to show public support (against execution)!
  • If Caesar was placed for execution, Doflamingo and gang will come!
  • If Mihawk was placed for execution, WHO will come? Zoro? Yup. Entire SHP? Probably. Shanks? Surely. Entire Red Hair Pirates? Most likely. Perona? Will she come? Hmm... Who else?

You can do it in another way... E.g.

  • If Iva-chan was placed for execution, will Sanji come?
  • If Gaimon was placed for execution, will Buggy come?
  • If Luffy was placed for execution, will Coby come?
  • If PX-0 (no longer Kuma) was placed for execution, will Dragon come?

A reverse question format. E.g.

  • Kuzan will come to (rescue) who's execution?

Hope you get the gist.