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Two years (and a few days) has passed. There are numerous characters whom we last saw at Paradise just before the time skip.

Among the many, who is the one you most look forward to see re-appear again in the New World? And under what circumstances are you predicting when their re-appearance is shown?

I am very much looking forward to see Marco - one of my favs - again. I am thinking that SHP landed on some island and encountered a big fight going on. Upon closer inspection, its a bunch of tough thugs ganging up against one familiar face to Luffy (as the others may not know / seen the first commander of the WBP). Marco is having a tough time defending himself, let alone escape this ... erm... gangbang. Just when he is about to lose and be captured, the SHP came to back him up, defeating the thugs and goes on a mission to rescue the remaining WBP commanders who are still alive and being captured by a yonko.

At the same time, I would also like to see Shanks again but in thinking of him being a yonko, I don't see any issue in him managing himself in the NW.

Another one of my favs is the legendary Taka no Me no Mihawk. But we get a glimpse of him just before the TS, training marimo (this one not this one ok!), so I guess he should still be at his island Kuraigana or at least has just started to wonder about, thus I can be patient with his re-appearance for later.

Yet another fav is Sengoku. In some way, I really admire this old ma... erm... senpai but I can guess his re-appearance may not be that epic - either seen training new marines or alone doing his kanji writing stuff, so I put him aside for now.

And I guess this should be among many's fav - Doke no Bagi-sama!!! Fanboys and girls, how would you predict of his epic re-appearance? Tell me, tell me...