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The Whitebeard Pirates

First, lets honor the deceased with a brief moment of silence ... ... ... (RIP Newgate, Ace, & Thatch)

I had the impression that Marco now leads the gang in place of his late father. Then during the TS, Blackbeard took over Whitebeard's territory (not sure how many but assuming majority if not all), thus establishing himself as a Yonko among Shanks, BM and Kaido. I can imagine Marco and the WB pirates did all they can to defend against BB pirates as they took over their turf one by one, and for sure they (WB pirates) failed. Yet up until now we have yet heard of any further casualties among the WB pirates, thus I am assuming WB pirates are still alive, not held captive nor joined BB pirates.

So here's the question, with all the assumptions above, where are the WB pirates now (as of chapter 654)?

A few thoughts from me:

1) is still on their own on somewhere in NW, with Marco leading the group, trying to survive amidst the Yonkos (though Shanks can be considered an ally) but not siding with any one of the 4

2) joined Red Haired Pirates

3) disbanded and go about their own separate ways

Thanks for reading and comment your thoughts. Have a nice day! Adieu~~

- AY -

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