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Another thought that came to mind after reading the latest chapter.

Correct me if wrong, twice have we been shown someone using Haoshoku Haki (HH) in the New World.

The first was a looooong time ago, in a flashback (or was it a flashback? I'm not 100% sure), cheeky ol' Shanks walks up the deck of the Moby Dick, intimidating his fellow Yonko by displaying his HH, damaging the ship as well as taking out several of the crew members.

The second is in the recent chapter, with Doflamingo arrival in style, burst his HH, taking out some marines.

Note: I did not take into consideration of the FI scene of Luffy's HH taking out half of the NFP crew members because FI is not in New World, just in between of it and Paradise.

In both occasions, we get to see some fodders who went down to this technique. These guys are the focus of the blog here.

New World, a place where the strong roams about, a place where its so terrible that the first half of Grand Line was a Paradise compared to the second half. Normally it takes a lot of strength (physical, ability and mental) and determination plus having a clear objective in mind in order to survive the many possible ordeals during the Paradise stretch, otherwise one will not be able to go far into the Grand Line. Therefore we would expect people whom are already roaming about in the NW seas to have a certain level of strength, if not physically or ability then at least mentally. 

So why are those weak will buggers (respectively WB's crew and G5 marines) doing in the NW anyway?

- Doh! WB's crew, the Yonko-level crew, needs someone to mop the floors, do the dishes, and wash the clothes in his armada?

- G5 marines are supposably the badass, rotten-but-yet-bad marines who has problem following orders from superiors gave me the impression that they should be quite strong, otherwise insolent subbordinates who are weak will be quickly sacked from the force. Perhaps they need people for the four letter words... COOK, WASH, IRON, CLEAN, FARM, MOP, etc etc?

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