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I am refering to this...

We all know what it means...

Now, given its you, what coded message(s) will you inscribe on your upper arm (at the biceps)? It has to be somewhat coded with numbers and/or alphabets, otherwise it defeats the purpose if a whole essay were to be inscribed onto your arm there... The coded message could be something which you believed in, or a recent happening, or an upcoming thing... anything you feel like it and could be simple-coded.

There are a few applicable rules... but since many likes to screw rules, so then let it be NO rules! Yohohoho...

For me: the usual blogging community should already be aware of what I am going thru now and soon. Thus I will have 5Y6M on my arm. Anyone wanna take a guess?

Hope this will be an enjoyable fun to everyone, and take care as I disappear into the weekend (as usual).

p.s. Some humor for you below (my neice shared it with me)

(read from left to right)