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3 months ago, I wrote about the idea of Issho turning Sugar against Doflamingo, applying her powers onto Doflamingo.

Now, as of latest chapter 791, what are the events that will transpire if this happen now? As Doflamingo lie amidst the rubble (and we STILL don't get to see his eyes, cheeky Oda is cheeky), Sugar creep towards his unconscious ex-boss and poof! Doflamingo turned into a toy, contract bound and hence presence erased from the memories of everyone. And this, in my opinion, is part of Issho's plan. So what happens afterwards?

- Its business as usual for the Revo Army members, to investigate the underworld dealings that centred in Dressrosa, thought they will be wondering who's the main person controlling it

- Burgess was there, devil fruit hunting, and since he lost the one he was hunting for (Mera Mera) he will just retreat away quietly to find others.

- Lucy will be famous for... for... ... liberating Dressrosa against... against... wait! What did Lucy did again?!

- The toy-reverted-back colosseum fighters will still remember their ordeal and their rallying behind Lucy or Strawhat against... who was it again?

- the most critical event should be Issho, being the only uninjured, unfatigued top tiered strong character around, is staring at the opportunity to arrest the pirate captain that his boss wanted the most, Monkey D Luffy! And with Luffy ultimately spent, it is up to Zoro to defend against Issho in what would have been his worst situation yet after the Kuma event at Thriller Bark

- despite the pact may still be on between Law and the Strawhats (the plan was to ultimately take down Kaido after all) he also will be too spent to assist Luffy against being arrested by Issho

What is your excitement level anticipating chapter 792?

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