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This thought came to mind immediately after reading the latest chapter.

Poor Smoker, after the TS, he seems to be having a streak of bad luck. And to make it worst, he got owned trice ALL IN THE SAME ARC!

First was the fight against Law *background Law-fangirls goes wild*, ending with Law stealing his heart ;-) 

Next was the one with Vergo. Yeah, yeah, he's trying to buy opportunity for Law *Law-fangirls goes wild again* to retrieve back his heart from Vergo but still at the end of it he received a good beating from haki-bamboo Vergo.

And finally was the recent faceoff with the Don - young master Doflamingo himself *background Doflamingo fan-gays goes wild*. He got beaten to a bloody pulp! Truly it is clear of the difference in strength and power between one of the best Shichibukai of old Doflamingo and the supposable getting-stronger-and-stronger Captain-turn-Commodore-turn-Vice Admiral Smoker.

So, against  Law its STRIKE ONE! then Vergo being STRIKE TWO! and finally Doflamingo its STRIKE THREE! Thus can we pronounce YER OUTTA HERE! with HERE = List of Luffy's possible greatest one-on-one opponents?

What say you?

Write off Smoker from Luffy's potentially good one-on-one opponents?

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