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Oh god! The weather over the past few days has been so bloody warm and dry! To make matters worst, a really thick blanket of haze has covered the capital city today, likely suspect being wild forest fire at Sumatra. Despite the sun being blocked by the wall of haze, its still not a cool day per se. Outdoor activities are not recommended at these times, well there goes my usual nightly exercise run.

I really wish I can get my hands on some of those dance powder stuff from Alabasta, get some rain in, clear off the haze, cool off the environment, dance off in the rain (why not)... Other countries deprived of rain??? ... ... <insert one of those cool "I don't give a fuck" gif here>!!!

Yohohoho... we have talked in the past about devil fruit powers, which one was your favourite and how it can help you in your daily life. But aside from those (DF powers), Oda has also created a lot of other interesting stuffs in the OP universe (e.g. dance powder as stated above, dials, etc). Are there anything of those you wish you can own or it can help you?