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Let me get this out from my chest, have been bugging me over the past few weeks:

Luffy's team are suppose to rescue Sanji by supposably sneaking into Whole Cake Island while avoiding confrontation with BM pirates.


First, there's the "Luffy" factor. Despite his assurance that he will not fight BM but we know Luffy's tendancy in not to "GO LOUD"!

But even waaaaay before that, they are going to infiltrate the place with what... Thousand Sunny? The signature ship of the Straw Hat Pirates?!

And I thought that they should be going in via some random ship or at least some sort of underwater vessel in order to avoid detection.

I mean what are the odds that the minions patrolling in Whole Cake Island, or those Den Den cameras, not recognising the Sunny, and alerting their presence?

The best thing about it was that no one outside of the Sanji rescue team mentioned anything against using Sunny just before the team depart.

I'd thought at least someone with logical mind would speak up, or at the very least Franky would have thought about it (since Sunny is his baby and it is going into hostile territory).

I feel something ain't right, don't think Oda would have overlooked this obviously obvious fact absentmindedly.

Perhaps this may be a deliberate part in Oda's plot for the infiltration team.

If true, then how will Oda play it as their sneeking will end right at the entrance into BM territory, don't even talk Whole Cake Island yet?

I mean look at Germa 66, who met them by mistake and could recognise it immediately...