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Hello all.

Weekend is just around the corner. This means you will see a lot less of me until the next coming weekday as during the weekend I will be running all over the town in surveying for pre-wedding photo packages and wedding bands. If I am able to find time (during the weekend), I will definitely drop by here to see what's up and what's not. So before I retire into the weekends, I leave you with this blog, hope its entertaining enough for a discussion.

Its been a while since I last did a decent OP-related blog, lets see if my brain has rusted. Well, here goes a thought that I have had in mind for sometime now...


Sakazuki (previously Akainu) was promoted to Fleet Admiral following the battle of epic proportions at Punk Hazard. We have yet heard much about him, but with that bada$$ "Absolute Justice" of his, definitely he will be doing some drastic changes within the Marines, no doubt!

One (and so far the only) thing we knew Gensui Sakazuki did was shifting the HQ to the waters of NW - in the face of the Yonko. This was considered a move (get the teaser?) by many, ambitious to a certain extend as his first action(s) after ascending to the post. This makes me wonder, was the ex-Gensui Sengoku being seen as weak or lame as he had his HQ on the weaker side of the GL (Paradise)? No offense on Sengoku but since people are saying Sakazuki is bold enough to do that, indirectly it means Sengoku was either weak or chicken (or both).

Besides that one thing we know, lets speculate what else will he has done based on his personality. My thoughts:

  • conduct a 'hell'ish search at Foosha Village for Luffy (during TS) and make life difficult for the residents
  • cast a bounty on Garp's head for simply being the father of the most dangerous and wanted man in the world (Dragon) and the grandfather of the most likely next Pirate King (Luffy)
  • sack that puny Marine soldier (Coby) who dares to get in his way during Marineford war
  • change the structure within the Marine to have only the strong and capable to serve him, hence Magellan can be inducted into Marine ranks (admiral perhaps??) and definitely no likes of Helmeppo, Fullbody or the dual-chakram-feller (suddenly can't recall the name)
  • placing priority one over chasing high profile pirates as a rule in the marines, law and order being not so important (which is why SA was said to be in chaos)
  • Wierd, I doubt he's unaware of the Thousand Sunny parked at SA during the TS. Knowing that no one can get near the ship due to the intervention of a certain cyborg from the future... oops, sorry wrong channel... intervention of a certain human weapon (PX-0), why did he not attend to it himself and destroy it? Certainly he's capable enough to take on PX-0!

Well, that's it for my thoughts. Agree or disagree, lets discuss. Also if you can speculate any additional actions that our new Gensui may do, feel free to shout it out.

Have a nice weekend everyone! ______________________________________________________________________

p.s. By the way, do you know tomorrow - Sat 30/03/2012 - is the day of the Earth Hour?

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