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Yo! I'm back from my second honeymoon. Was an amazing and exciting trip and the best one yet for the two of us. Bangkok is a real shopper's heaven for South East Asia countries, overall my wife swept a ton of goodies (shirts, blouse, tshirts, shoes, bags, etc) while I got myself one nice Film Z tshirt for half the price I get from KL! (And its not one of those pirated things).

Now, onto the blog. This time I would like to shed some light on OP Wikia Blogging history. I am not sure how many of you (currently active users) are aware of the blogging history. Take a look at the following chart of the total number of blogs per month and total users blogged per month:

Note: Total Blogs Created is the sum of total number of blog posts while Total Blog Authors refers to the distinct number of users created blogs. E.g. in a month, user A created 3 blogs while user B one blog, total number of blogs in the month = 4 while total blog authors = 2.

- In the beginning, there were not many blogs as not much users were blogging

- The Great Pirate Age... oops, should be Great Blogging Age started in Jun 2010

- The Golden Age of Blogging hits peak in May 2011 with nearly 200 number of blogs created in the month by approximately 60 users and averaging about the same for the next few months.

- Apr 2012 marked the end of the age as we can see the number of blogs reduced drastically

- Generally the trend of blogging plateau over the next 10 months time until Apr 2013 when we can see a rise in blogs and the number of users blogging increased as well. The dawn of a new age of piracy... I mean blogs, perhaps?

- I was "born" during the final good months of the age ^_^

Hope this has been entertaining...