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The SINs of the Straw Hat Pirates

AYET October 9, 2012 User blog:AYET

Imagine in the near future, the Straw Hats arrived near an island (as directed by log pose, the most unstable one, Luffy's favourite). This island, lets call it "Heaven" since the word "Paradise" refers to the first half of the Grand Line, has a force-field which protects outsiders from entering, and how the force field work is by filtering (blocking) off people who had any one of the following seven sins:

  • lust
  • gluttony
  • greed
  • sloth
  • wrath
  • envy
  • pride

Who can successfully pass through the barrier and who can't (and why)?

Luffy- fail over gluttony

Zoro- ???

Nami- fail over greed

Usopp- ???

Sanji- fail over lust?

Chopper- I don't see any sins he fail, perhaps he can pass?

Robin- ???

Franky- despite self-proclaim being a hentai, he doesn't really fail lust, does he?

Brook- fail over (panty) lust??

p.s. Beyond the Straw Hat Pirates, who else can or can't enter "Heaven"?

E.g. Bonney definitely fail over gluttony!

Quick blog end, AY out.

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