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Yes, I am also surprise to see the respawned Mera Mera no Mi and is in Doflamingo's possession. But what was more surprising (to me) was something else about that fact.

We know the Mera Mera no Mi is a very powerful logia fruit and for sure Doflamingo knows about it too. Imagine you, a pirate captain, got your hands on it. The first thing that came into your mind will surely be "Fire logia, hell yeah! Too good to be wasted (sold)! I'm gonna eat it myself, obtain the destructive ability and wreck havoc!". In case you are already a DF user, then surely you will give it to your most trusted non-DF nakama (could be subordinate or fellow friend) and with the help of that nakama, rule the seas!

Yet, Doflamingo, at all these times of having this fruit, did not utilise it at all. Just storing it away safely only to bring it out recently. The question to ask is why? I have two thoughts about this.

1) His group members' fighting strength is currently so mighty that the Mera Mera no Mi is no longer an attraction to be even used in his organization (by any of his crew members since he could have been a DF user himself). If this is true, then it spells out just how god-damn powerful his organization is!

2) Doflamingo has some sort of deep grudge or infactuation with Luffy (not that I'm implying he's gay!), so much so he just knew Luffy is not dead during Marineford (could have been told by Law since he was one of Doflamingo's men in the past), found the fruit and then patiently waiting for his reappearance to use it against him (his group may or may not require the help of that logia ability is a different matter altogether).

I think the first one is more likely and I can't imagine just how powerful they are if they don't even need to use that logia DF. If any, Law should already know about it unless he was kept in the dark from Doflamingo pirates' true strength. Oh boy, Law~Luffy alliance will be in serious trouble!

Agree? Disagree? Have a thought of your own? Feel free to share and discuss below.

A happy weekend to you.

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