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Uh... what does the title (Palm) have got to do with the content of the chapter anyway? But instead, I think the title should have been "Plans", since people everywhere (in this chapter) has got some plan of sorts.

Well, you know this Thread Joker (Doflamingo's string puppet) is really strong, it can do a number of cool moves that the real deal himself does,  it does not fear death and best thing is it does not fear water at all unlike DF users do. The fact it can easily parry Luffy's punch is enough to imagine just how strong it can be. Imagine Doflamingo raise an army of tens or hundreds of thousands of Thread Jokers, fodders or not it is an army to be very much feared!

I think I am a bit confused. A and J fell at the entrance of cave, KF betrayed them but then a TJ appeared and took out the Funk guy, allowing A and J to move in and take out the other TJ inside to save L and L in the nick of time. Frankly, what is the TJ at the outside of cave doing there?

Glad Barty gets a first hand taste of how being a Strawhat is like, you know how the Strawhats like to do the wildest / weirdest things. Yeah man, the balloon experience is just one of the many attractions of being a Strawhat, join them and you get a lot more of such fun and "entertaining" experiences along the way...

The Tontattas execute a plan to get the group "flying" to the Sunflower Fields...

The Tontattas at Franky's side has a PLAN to open the lock to the factory...

Zoro enjoys himself with Pica, am happy for you there Marimo. Do continue.

Sabo vs Issho is crazy but does live up to its hype!

Cabbage has a plan...

... aaaand a crazy boy Law either wants to go rambo or kamikaze. But the one he's talking to, its Cora not Doflamingo, right?

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