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Straw Hat Pirates - Defensive Measures!

AYET February 26, 2012 User blog:AYET
  • AY says:
    • Before I start, I would like to wish good luck to ALL candidates for the available Chatbukai (Chat Mod) posts, may you embrace the responsibility well and bring peace and just to the open sea (chat room)
    • With the election going on currently, I am not sure whether i should be doing this blog now, since many of the community is busy, but here goes and hope for the best...

  • Somewhere in the open seas of the New World, the Thousand Sunny got trapped and was surrounded by a HUGE fleet of Marine battleships from all sides. Sunny-go was facing bombardments from the Marine battleships from all directions.

  • Usopp: (shouting from the crow's nest) L...L...Luffy! Minaaa!!! Marine battleships everywhere!!!
  • Luffy: (looks on from the Sunny's figurehead) YAROU DOMO! *sound of cannonballs hits water nearby*
  • *All crew members looks on*
  • Luffy: We can get out from this situation easily, but the Sunny will be heavily injured. Sunny-go is our nakama too, let's protect her first before we counter-attack!!! DEFENSIVE POSITIONS!!!
  • All: UM!!!

  • Lets see how well you know the Straw Hat Pirates! The question I ask is what can each members do to stop the cannonballs from hitting the Thousand Sunny?
  • I will start with the following, you add to the list:
    • Luffy - Gomu Gomu no Fuusen (as seen in the opening)
    • Zoro - Just cut 'em??
    • Nami - Cyclone Tempo
    • Usopp - Pop Greens : Trapolia?
    • Sanji - kicks to deflect the cannonballs away (as seen in EP522)
    • Chopper - Guard Point / Kung Fu Point
    • Robin - Mil Fleur : Defense
    • Franky - rocket launcher (as seen in EP524)
    • Brook - ??? (WHAT CAN BONES DO???)

  • Commments starto!
  • Edit: Bonus question: think about it carefully, what can the Soul King do? No jokes, seriously, what technique or ways can he stop the cannonballs from hitting the Sunny?