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Sibling rivalry (cliche)

AYET May 3, 2012 User blog:AYET

Re-visited episode 540, the scene below triggered sense of deja vu...

Hmm... Jinbe and Arlong, sibling rivalry... now where have I saw that before??? Oh yes, the all-time running gag of our favourites : Zoro and Sanji

Then again, there was another one of such epic sibling rivalry years ago (OP time) - the almighty Shank and the sweet lovable ol' Buggy

It appears that over a few pirate crew, there exists such love-hate relationship (no yaoi thinking please!) between two members within the crew. Do you know of any more of such, two members within same pirate crew who has a strong bond of love-hate relationship among them? Tell me...

And its interesting to note that this seems to be one of Oda's many story-telling techniques which he uses time and time again with successful results (readers does not seem to mind nor annoyed with the repeated cliche).

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