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Prologue - Straw Hat Separation (Part 3-interlude)

AYET September 27, 2012 User blog:AYET

>>> Kuma's flashback begins <<<

... with reference to Dragon and Kuma's den den mushi conversation during part 3-a

Dragon: ... And here is what I want you to do... ... ... ... So please get to Sabaody Archipelago to help them, now! ... Please...

Kuma: Sure thing. Roger and out!

Dragon: Oh, one more thing. Rumor has it that the Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh is somewhere in Sabaody Archipelago. Just for your knowledge.

Kuma: Noted.

During the SHP's fight against PX-4, Kuma has already arrived and was watching the battle from a distance. He watched how the crew successfully defeated the pacifista and then Sentomaru arriving with PX-1 to engage them. He saw how the crew attempted to scatter in order to evade the new opponents before them and later the arrival of Admiral Kizaru. Seeing that Zoro was about to be executed by Kizaru, Kuma was about to make his move when he felt a strong presence lunging towards Kizaru, that strong presence was no other than the rumored Dark King Rayleigh himself, attempting to save the crew. Kuma stood by to watch further how the battle unfolds and upon seeing PX-1 was about to shoot Usopp, with the crew no longer about to do anything to escape the situation, he (Kuma) steps in to intervene...

>>> Kuma's flashback ends <<<

Kuma: Sir, I am an officer in the Revolution Army. I came under the orders of our leader, Monkey D. Dragon.

Kuma: I wish to let these fellows escape!

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