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>>> Flashback begins <<<

Projector den den mushi displayed the badly drawn bounty picture of Sanji

Joe: This is...

Person C: *hands rubbing her eyes* Oh, such hideousness! It must be the curse... THE CURSE! Dragon, does your boy not have any level of standards in recruiting crew members?!

Dragon: ... *sweat drop*

Person B: Normally a pirate should at least have a certain degree of fearsome or intimidation in their outlook. This person hardly projects any, if not of those type being easily bullied...

Joe: Erm... Hold on please, m'lady and gentlemen. Please allow me to clear the air a little bit. This picture is what the marines have on this member in Luffy's crew. Apparently his actual appearance is not the least bit same as the picture here. Let me show you the true face on the next projection.

Projector den den mushi now displayed a true picture of Sanji

Person A: Have to say, totally opposite of the bounty picture there. Genius! Carefully concealling his face from the marines and the world, thus can maneouver around with great ease without the public recognising. Just GENIUS! ... Still, I vaguely recall seeing a person resembling that bounty picture, was it somewhere near Sabaody Archipelago?? Can't remember well, oh nevermind.

Joe: Meet Sanji. He is responsible in taking care of the crew's meals and ration. His cooking skills were expert level as he learn from the head chef of Baratie, Red Leg Zeff. Not only cullinery skills, Zeff also passing on his fighting style to Sanji, thus him earning the epithet Black Leg. Apparently Sanji is one of the most formidable fighter in the group, apart from Luffy and Zoro, with the three of them being called the Monster Trio.

Person B: In the past, I have had my encounters with Zeff and I do acknowledged of his fighting style is quite good. Thus I'm not surprised of Sanji already being an established fighter but there should still be rooms for improvement. *recalling a certain few past fights with Zeff*

Dragon: Being the chef, his basic role is to provide food and nutrition to his crew. I think he should concentrate training further on this aspect.

Person C: In saying that, are you hinting of Ivankov, Dragon? You are aware that he's on a mission deep in Impel Down, aren't you?

Dragon: You know very well what effects Iva's food had on us, yes? I'm saying that its an advantage if Sanji is able to do the same to Luffy's crew.

Joe: And regarding Iva's absence, I'm sure Caroline could stand-in for Iva to train Sanji in both his culinery and fighting skills if we were to send him to Kamabakka Kingdom. She... I mean he is nearly quite as proficient as Iva himself.

Person A: Wait, I thought in order to receive training on that special recipe, one must undergo a certain transformation?

Dragon, Joe and holographic Kuma: ...

Person A, B and C: ... *sweat drop*

Joe: Well, for the greater good for the crew, I hope he won't mind sacrifising himself for it. After all the recipe will prove to be a really good asset to the crew.

Holographic Kuma: During my meeting with them, Sanji is willing to sacrifice his life in place for his captain. In comparing with such sacrifice, the transformation should be nothing.

Dragon: OK, that settles it then. Kuma, please send Sanji to Caroline for training.

>>> Flashback ends <<<

Kuma: (his palm touched Sanji) (thinking to himself : To Momoiro Island!!!)

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