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>>> Flashback begins <<<

Projector den den mushi displayed the picture of Sogeking

Joe: This is Sniper King Sogeking. From intel gathered his actual name is Usopp. A ranged weaponry specialist, he is the one who burn the World Government flag at Enies Lobby as well as the sniper who picks off the marines on the Bridge of Hesitation.

Person A: So he needs to hone his marksmanship skills?

Joe: Not really, sir. From his performance at Enies Lobby, his marksmanship skills are top notch. He is able to snipe from seemingly impossible distances. Oh yes, he is the son of Yasopp, a member of the Red Hair Pirates.

Person A: Like father like son! Well then, what further training will he require, apart from his already established marksmanship skills?

Dragon: Sometimes the weapon used may be vital apart from skill. Tell me, what rifle is he using?

Joe: Nay sir. He ain't use one. He uses a some kind of slingshot.

Person B: I thought slingshots are a toy's boy... ahem, I mean a boy's toy! How could this be a formal weapon of choice?

Person C: Though I doubt it but there must be some mistake somewhere.

Joe: Nay sir, ma'am. Our intel confirms of him being very proficient in wielding his slingshot against his opponents.

Person B and C: ...

Dragon: A slingshot you say, what kind of ammunition does he uses?

Joe: It says here he's using various things like pachinko balls, pellets filled with gunpowder, tobasco sauce, sleeping drugs or pepper, fresh or rotten eggs, smoke bombs and shurikens, amongst the list.

Person A: Creative lad!

Dragon: Indeed, but I wonder how could the range of an ammo fired from a slingshot surpass those fired off a rifle?

Joe: Ah, sir. He enhanced his slingshot with dials, sir. His modification seems to make his slingshot's range of attack even further than a standard rifle and its stability being better as well.

Dragon: So I see. An inventor whos able to design a simple slingshot weapon to surpass usual ranged weaponry. I'm very impressed!

Joe: Sir, if you are entertaining suggestions, I have one. While we may not be able to contribute to his marksmanship skill nor his weaponry, there is a way to enhance his ammunition.

Person A: How so?

Joe: I know this place in Grand Line where one could find some pretty useful plant seeds which could be used for offensive and defensive purposes. I'm sure he could innovate those seeds to his advantage.

Person C: Oh dear, I have heard of that place. Its suppose to be very dangerous, with gigantic bugs and vicious man-eating plants all over the place. Its even rumored that anyone who enters the place will not be able to leave it again, though I'm not sure why so.

Joe: *grin* No worries, ma'am. I know a man who knows his way around.

Dragon: Good. That is the perfect thing for this young man to improve in order to better serve his captain in his quest. Please provide the location to Kuma for him to send the Sniper King to.

Joe & Holographic Kuma: Aye sir!

>>> Flashback ends <<<

Kuma: (his palm touched Usopp) (thinking to himself : To Greenstone Island!!!)

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