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>>> Flashback begins <<<

Projector den den mushi displayed a picture of a skeleton.

Joe: It has yet been confirmed but this skeleton seems to be called Brook or something and it followed the crew as they departing from Thriller Bark. Not much background information could be gathered as the skeleton was believed to have been living under the cover of fog in the Florian Triangle all these times. We may need more time to dig its information but from deduction of its current state, it seems to be a devil fruit user.

Person B: With all the other crew members training already confirmed, this one seems to be the most difficult to decide on. Without its background information, how will we know what kind of training does a skeleton needs, since we don't even know what it does?

Dragon: ... (sweat drop)

Person A: ... (sweat drop)

Person C: ... (sweat drop)

Joe: ... (sweat drop)

Holographic Kuma: ... A few years ago, I happened to have been at an island which its tribe favors in worshipping demons.

All stared at Kuma for a brief second and celebrated the idea with great "enthusiasm"...

Person A: Wonderful! (thinking to himself : What does a skeleton have anything to do with demons anyway? Well nevermind! *sweat drop*)

Person B: Yeah! That's a great idea! (thinking to himself : How does worshipping help as a training? Curious... *sweat drop*)

Person C: You've been there, Kuma? I bet its a nice place! (thinking to herself : NOT! A place which worships the devil must be a horrible place... but should be the best place to send a bunch of bones to! Fufufu! *sweat drop*)

Joe: OK, its confirmed then. Kuma will send this skeleton to that place he spoke of. Maybe through the demonic worshipping and all, it may gain a thing or two about souls or hell or something... (turning to Dragon with sweat drop) ... right Dragon?

Dragon: ... I ... hope so. (sweat drop)

Holographic Kuma: ... Noted! (seems to be glaring at the three as if he can read their minds)

>>> Flashback ends <<<

*** Kuma: (his palm touched Brook) (thinking to himself : To Nakamura Island!!!) ***

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