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Several hours before...

Location : Onboard the Overturn

Crew member: (running towards and yelling) BAD NEWS!!! DRAGON SIR!!! BAD NEWS!

Dragon: Calm down, young one. What is it?

Crew member: Our agents at Sabaody Archipelago has reported that Mugiwara has strike on a Tenryubito!

Dragon: ... (frowning) This is not good. ... Has the Marine HQ received word on this yet?

Crew member: Yes, they have, sir!

Dragon: ... ... (talking to himself) One of the two will be dispatch to Sabaody to deal with them. ... ... (turn to the crew member) Thank you for the report. Dismiss.

Crew member: Aye sir! (goes away)

Dragon: Joe...

Bunny Joe: Here!

Dragon: Please get me Kuma. I need to speak with him urgently!

Joe: Sure thing!


Location : Sabaody Archipelago, Grove 12

Rayleigh is on a one-on-one swords duel with Kizaru and both are fighting equally. Sentomaru knocks Luffy away into a mangrove tree. Seeing his helpless nakamas in danger, Chopper forced himself to transform into Monster Point, which attracted the attention of pacifista PX-1 who could not identify the monstrous figure. PX-1 then turns to face Usopp, holding out his right palm and begins to charge his laser. Just as he is able to shoot him...

>>> Flashback begins <<<

Communicating via den den mushi...

Kuma: Yes, Dragon?

Dragon: Kuma, Luffy has struck a Tenryubito! The news has spread all the way to Marineford and one of the two admirals will soon be dispatch to take care of them. Our plans... will need to be executed right away...

>>> Flashback begins <<<
In a private meeting between Dragon and a handful of his closest and trusted companions...
Dragon: My fellow associates, firstly I would like to thank you for attending this meeting. And I would also like to apologise sincerely for that this meeting is to discuss some matters of my personal affair rather than our official cause.
Person A: Dragon, how long have we been together? Through the depths of hell and back, the battles, the sweat and pain, the experiences we shared together, all of us! Now please dismiss the formalities and get straight to the point! We know you are worried about your boy, we have heard and can see how disturbed you are.
Dragon: ... Thank you, my good friend and to the rest of you as well. ... (silent)
Dragon: Now... my boy Luffy or better known as Mugiwara no Luffy, has taken to the seas as you are already aware. In his journey, he has done a number of significant achievement which indirectly helped us in our cause, including taking down Crocodile and shaken up Enies Lobby.
Person B: Like father like son, no denying he's your child! UAGAGAGAGA!!!
Dragon: Its just recently found out that he lacks a significant ability necessary to survive on the second half of the Grand Line.
Person A: What?! He did all that without haki!? Impossible!!
Dragon: But it is true, he did manage to defeat logias like Crocodile and Enel through his own means as well as people like Lucci and Moriah!
Bunny Joe stared at Dragon with a wide open mouth, holographic Kuma (due to Kuma not able to be physically in the meeting room, thus he "den den mushi"ed in via holographic ala visual conference call style) remains motionless, the other members looked at Dragon in disbelief.
Person C: Unbelievable!!!
Dragon had a quick smile of proudness but immediately continues with the agenda
Dragon: However if he is to transverse into the New World without knowledge in haki techniques, he WILL most likely fail, despite how strong he has proven himself currently.
Person B: Are you sure, Dragon? He has done some impossible feats already. Who knows he may be able to overcome the issues he may face in New World!!
Dragon: No, I DO know he will fail! (Dragon flashback his conversation with Kuzan - refer Part 1) Besides, we know clearly well that there are certain situations in New World which will not be able to be diffused without the proper application of haki.
Person A: He (Dragon) is right.
Dragon: So I need to have him undergo some training in haki before he enters New World, its for his best and own good. I have a good idea of a certain place for his training. However... (silent)
Joe: What's wrong, Dragon?
Dragon: ... As strong as he may be, his crew should also train themselves in order to prepare for the New World as well.
Person C: Are they weak? In my experiences, weakling crew members are usually not loyal to their captain!
Holographic Kuma was seen with a grin.
Dragon: Oh, they are loyal to their captain all right (Dragon flashback his conversation with Kuma - refer Part 2) but all of them should get better or stronger as does their captain.
Person B: Agreed! So send them for training then.
Dragon: Its not that simple. I was told each of his nakama has distinctive traits of their own, different styles of offense and defense. A bizarre group of pirate crew, I should say. The trouble is I don't know how to deal with the others' training. What I have in hand are some information regarding each of the nakama. By sharing these information with you all, I am hoping to be able to come up with a plan for their training.
Person A: Show us.
Dragon: Joe, can you kindly activate the projector den den mushi and load the details please?
Joe: Sure thing!
>>> Flashback ends <<<

Dragon: ... And here is what I want you to do... ... ... ... So please get to Sabaody Archipelago to help them, now! ... Please...

Kuma: Sure thing. Roger and out!

>>> Flashback ends <<<

>>> Flashback begins <<<

Projector den den mushi displayed a picture of Zoro

Joe: Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro. 120 million berry. Swordsman with 3 swords...

Holographic Kuma: Dragon, I think I know the best person to train him....

>>> Kuma's flashback begins <<<
Location : Thriller Bark
Kuma: (thinking to himself : Not only is this guy loyal but he is willing to sacrifise his own life and ambition just to protect his captain's DREAM!? Reminds me of "him", and this may just the pupil that "he" is looking for)
>>> Kuma's flashback ends <<<

Holographic Kuma: ...Can you leave his case with me?

Dragon: Very well, Kuma. I trust your decision.

>>> Flashback ends <<<

Kuma: (his palm touched Zoro) (thinking to himself : To Kuraigana Island!!!)

Author's note : This will be the final part of this fanon story that I made up. Initially I intended to publish all under one part but seems that it will be too lengthy, thus I had to split up Part 3 into several smaller parts, beginning with Part 3-a here.

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