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Location : At an unknown sea, Monkey D. Dragon's ship

Den den mushi: Buru buru buru... Buru buru buru...

Dragon: (ka-chak) Hello

???: Its me. I've met your son recently during one of my scouting trips.

Dragon: Oh... Is he well?

???: He's strong, considering what he has done. I've heard of his name at HQ. He and a few others are getting significantly recognised by the Marines and WG. Rumor has it that they are the new generation of rookie pirates within this year and people are calling them Supernovas.

Dragon: I see, Supernovas huh?

???: Listen, there's something that you should know. As strong as your son can be, its a matter of time before he runs into trouble with the Marines.

Dragon: How can you tell?

???: I... "sparred" with him during our meeting. He and his company are completely helpless against me. There are nothing within his powers or abilities which can do me any harm at all.

Dragon: Hmm... so he STILL has yet learn about "that"...

???: Still???

Dragon: A while back at Logue Town, he ran into Smoker. I had to step in to help him, otherwise Smoker will nab him for sure. I thought he would have been aware about the need for "that" and to develop on it. Still as naive as ever.

???: Yeah, without it, there is no chance to survive New World is he is to make a name for himself.

Dragon: I have heard of his exploits with Crocodile. Despite fighting with a logia, Luffy is able to find an obvious weakness in Crocodile and got his chance to win the fight. Also, there’s Enel. He’s just lucky that he is naturally immune to his truly devastating logia powers.

???: Who's Enel?

Dragon: A lightning logia user who acts as a god at Skypiea.

???: Ah, the island in the sky. So its true it DOES exists! Wait… you even have informants up there in the skies??? Man, how big IS your sphere of influence actually?!

Dragon: Thanks to an old friend of mine up there. Anyway, if Luffy were to run into people like Borsalino or Sakazuki, he may end up dead without even able to put up a fight. I'll have to think further about this and do something. Thank you for highlighting. And please tell my old man I say hi.

???: And risk getting a love knuckle from him? No way... but ok. Jaa-- (kroop)

Dragon: … (looking into the horizon) … Luffy...

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