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I have a problem with the OP wikia blogs. I am not sure who to direct this to, thus I created this blog to bring about this matter to all readers and appreciate some advice or assistance from any knowledgable person out there.

No matter where I go (office PC, netbook, iPAD, or even home PC; using Chrome, IE or Firefox; via Win XP or Vista) the problem exists.

Everytime I go for Community > Recent Blogs, I do not get to see the latest blogs created. Its like the page did not refresh on its own, and hitting F5 key or right mouse click select refresh also does not work. Believe it or not, I am stuck with last latest blog created by Neo-san on 28th Jan entitled "I loled". I couldn't even see my own blog created yesterday!

But one way which DOES work is to scroll all the way down to see the number of pages, switch to page 2, then switch back to page 1, then those latest blog posts created now appears. But after I closed off my session and later in the day I come back to OP wikia again, it comes back to square 1. Annoying, it is.

Another example is I am following Neo-san's Paranoid Similarities, in viewing on her list of blogs page, there are 29 comments but upon entering the blog itself, its still stuck at 28 comments (and the comment times were incorrect too).

I have tried to ask around in the Chat but no one was able to shed a light.

Any admin person / senior members / users who experiences the same?