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Currently what are we dealing with here?

- The manga is on a break for a week

- The DF tourney is on a short break of a few days

- A few independent blogs here and there, mostly about opinions

- Three initial D users, DP, DSP and Detty (Dettles) currently has a good story going, you guys should check it out if you haven't

- No chapter prediction made in the recent times, therefore is not expecting one at the moment (if you are doing one, please publish for our enjoyment)

- Generally the blog responses are a bit quiet

Unless someone is coming up with a good blog, I'd say let us together make up a predictive storyline for the current arc. If the general responses have picked up after this blog, then you can ignore this. The community was playing this back then when I joined.

Here is how it goes: 

Based on what we know currently about the Dressrosa arc up to chapter 715, we make up a short paragraph (about 3 to 5 sentences) continuing the current storyline as close to canon as possible (though not restricted to your imagination for good ideas). After a user has already posted his/her paragraph, others will contribute their prediction to continue from that point.

- Post reply to blog (first level) in order to continue the story

- Post reply to user's comment (second level) in order to talk or discuss about the paragraph contributed by the user (to compliment, to reject, etc)

Get the gist? Shall we play? 

Happy weekend people.

Note: Please do not troll by posting irrelevant replies other than legit canon story prediction pieces. Admin DP has been informed to remove the blog in the event "things go south". Let's enjoy the game properly if it is an entertaining one. Thanks for your cooperation.