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We all know Oda just love to flabbergast us with totally unexpected facts or events that we fail to see coming!

A few of the recent shockers (to me) would be:

- Kuzan being (confirmed) associating with Blackbeard pirates

- Kid alliance actually targetting Red Hair pirates despite a recent known attacks against Big Mom

So besides the above, what else are the facts that totally caught you off guard - keeping it strictly to post TS developments only?

And what more do you foresee that Oda may pull which will be a shocker of the same level? Bear in mind that these may be completely WILD theories which may be legit in some ways. I can think of one and it is related to those ex-Whitebeard pirates:

- the ex-WB pirates are now split three ways:

a) one group joined into Red Hair pirates (I think some see this coming)

b) second group still living on as WB pirates, and have been consistently carrying hit-and-run skirmishes against Blackbeard pirates as an act of revenge of sorts (I think this is expected)

c) third group joined into Big Mom pirates (now this is a WILD one!)

My rational: Kaido was known to be a direct assailant of Whitebeard based on the known fact that Shanks halted Kaido before making his way to Marineford, but we were never told of any direct confrontation between WB and BM (or are there?), therefore forming my third totally WILD theory here.