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Post-TS SHP member vs old pre-TS foe (Part 1)

AYET July 16, 2012 User blog:AYET

YOHOHOHO!!! Good day lads! A queer blog is what we have here. For the debut, I will use a easier / simpler member as comparison. If this blog is warmly received, the next few ones will get deeper from there...


In the arc of his introduction, he has trouble fighting (let alone defeat) the legendary dragon slayer Ryuma. Zoro had to step in to get the job done - with ease I would like to add, without breaking a sweat.

Now, two years later (post-TS), we have seen how Brook has grown his (fencing) skills and all, during his showdown in FI arc as well as the current PH arc.

Do you think the current (post-TS) Brook will now be able to handle / defeat Ryuma based on his (Ryuma's) abilities at the time vs Zoro?

A simple yes or no can do, elaborations are optional, questions are welcomed (though I may not have an answer it).

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