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About the illegal arms trading that Doflamingo has been doing, I have a gut feel that he was the one instigating wars everywhere in the New World, and he supply arms to BOTH sides of the conflict thus making money from both ends. A very good business deal, don't you think?

Pica's high piched voice, I have the same thought as DSP said, much like the dog Alpha from Up. And its a typical Oda joke, a manly man with a manly build but without the manly voice to match it. Can't wait to watch it in anime ^_^

I got a good laugh when Law said "Once I get out of these cuffs, I'm going to kill you first" Law has been embarassed and ridiculed by Mugiwara-ya too many times, from the Chopper-hat incident, to the breakfast onboard Sunny and now this...

One thing revealed about the Donquixote family is that they are very FAMILY orientated. You know, how the group is known as Donquixote family, and Doflamingo's speech about the execs, who shared his joy and sorrow, are his family, and even when killing a fodder they thought about the family of the fodder too.

Doflamingo's speech about the execs, how they are his family. This scene should serve one purpose, to be repeated in flashback later when he witness his "family" fell one by one to the opposition. I bet his rage level will go > 9000!!!

Last thing and the one that struck me the most, Doflamingo's speech about the citizen choosing their king, that its their (voting) rights, when he is pulling the strings of oppression on everyone in truth. Talk about holding political (and supernatural) power. With his oppression, what he meant by citizens' choice is really either to vote for him or die, the opposition (Riku) had no chance at all - not unless Doflamingo is taken down. In a lot of sense, this is a direct reflection of what has been / currently happening at my place here, so I personally perceived this as a nod from Oda to have faith and persevere throughout the political turmoil.

How many of you believed Doflamingo may be the best developed character yet in the series (apart from the protagonists)?

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