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Just because I am the organiser doesn't mean I can't do blogs of my own that are not related to the tourney, right? ^_^

Of late, I have encountered quite a number of one liner summary relating to One Piece (series) mentioning its ironic matters. Below are some few examples:

1) "One Piece, the series where the mangaka can make a character completely hateable at one point in time and then turn the character into a favourite likeable at the snap of the finger" looks at Bellamy

2) "One Piece, the series where meat, sake, milk and a maiden's kiss can heal any injury rapidly" refers to the injuries sustained by Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Brook and how it can be healed surprisingly fast

3) "One Piece, the series where the protagonist is a bad person (a pirate) while the antagonist is a good (a marine)" looks at Luffy and Sakazuki

4) "One Piece, the series where handicapped people are as badass and strong as their prime (before handicapped)" looks at Shanks, Zeff, Zoro, etc

5) "New World, the place not for the weak at heart and will but yet we still see tons of noobs, weaklings in the appearance of Marine / Pirate fodders"

6) "One Piece, the series where its protagonist gets to do all the "taking" and be selfish in not "giving" because he does not want to share his meat"

Do you have any of such running in your head? Feel free to share it out or come up with your own for the amusement of the community.