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One of the things I really like in an anime is its opening clip.

Could be an anime episode (e.g. one piece episodes, FMA episodes, etc) or a full length anime movie (e.g. Strong World, Gundam 00 movie, etc).

While one's favourite may not be another's cup of tea, generally I noticed (in my experiences with the lot of anime I have watched) a good / nice opening may or may not tie in with the series' popularity.

At the same time, a very popular anime series may or may not have an opening as good as some from lesser popular series.

Therefore here I would like to gather opinions about anime openings.

My questions:

1) Which OP openings which you favor the most? Why? Was it because of the music? The presentation?

2) List your all time three favourite anime openings. How does your favourite OP opening (above) fare against your top 3 most favourite?

Note: Please be reminded that when I mention "opening" I am referring to all anime opening in general, either episode openings or movie openings.

p.s. If you have yet seen all of the One Piece openings, you should be able to find it in YouTube if you searched hard enough (as I did)

I'll start off with myself.

1) My favourite OP opening is One Day, the 13th one aired during Marineford war. The music + presentation is just stunning, plus it revealed all the major players during the war. Just epic. Just cool.

2) Regretfully, One Day does not make it to my top 3 most favourite anime openings of all time, as below (in no particular sequence): 

a) Ash Like Snow - Gundam 00 2nd opening 

b) Noizy Tribe - Initial D 4th stage 2nd opening 

c) Period - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 4th opening