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Good day everyone.

What are the moments in OP that made you wear the "OMGWTF!" look in your face? And among the many, which are your best favoured moment?

The earliest one I can remember was when Buggy revealed his (at that time) wierd DF power. After taking Zoro's slash at point blank range, not only he was not dead but he was able to wound him with a stab of knife (or similar scene, if memory serves). Its the first time I got in touch with the more weirder ways of a DF powers can happen, therefore it was a "OMGWTF just happened?!" moment for me there.

Then there's this scene where Luffy took Arlong's teeth and put it into his mouth to immitate him. A really LOL scene there but still nonetheless a "OMGWTF + facepalm" moment for me.

There's also this scene where one can say "Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. Its Merry to the rescue!!! I think you guys (and ladies) are very much aware which scene I am talking about. I was like "OMGWTF? How did Merry get there in the midst of the chaos?"

And there's the infamous Ace's death scene. Never saw it coming, and never expected Oda to really kill the central character of the arc. WB's death is somewhat already foreseen as he took a lot of beating towards the mid-end of arc, hence not surprised. But Ace's death came as a sudden shock, at that precise moment, I really lean back, stunned and left pondering for a brief moment, wearing the "OMGWTF that has just happened?" face.

One of my more favoured OMGWTF moments was when Kuma separated the crew at SA. Not knowing exactly what was actually happening back then, its already bad enough the crew got cornered by Sentomaru and the pacifistas (while Rayleigh pins down Kizaru), it gets worst as one by one the nakamas disappears for no reason (other than the tight-lipped Sentomaru revealed that they were sent away) credits to Kuma. 

The latest moment was during PH arc... yes, the legendary slash that mimics the epic one done by Mihawk - Law's Room Slash. The exact thing that gave me the OMGWTF element was seeing the mountain at background got slashed out too.

The above are a few I can remember during the time of the blog writing. Feel free to share the moment that caught your attention of similar stance. Remember, the scene could be either made you go OMGWTF in awe or it could as well be a facepalm moment that made you go OMGWTF (._.").

Have a nice day and hope for a good chapter in the week!

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