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OK, from yesterday's blog, generally we are all upset about Usopp and his choice of act (those 40+ slaps can't be wrong). From his self conversation on that one panel, I cannot see it as any sort of wise, tactical retreat but should be nothing short of cowardly withdrawal. He might possibly be going towards Franky's side for help (asking for, not offering) because Robin and majority - if not all - Tontattas has been forgotten as a result of being "toy"ed. Here's what I am interested to know: should he later turn around and return to redeem himself (by himself alone, be it Sogeking or otherwise), how will this affect the community's view of him then? Will you forgive him for his brief moment of cowardice or will the grudge stick onto you forever after?

It has been a long while since we last saw Sunny's side of the story. Sunny should be sailing towards Zo currently but having BM's ship hot in pursuit, am very curious how Luffy's approval for a counterattack affect the situation there. Either way of the counterattack being successful or otherwise, they would have earn even more of BM's wrath onto them - not that they (especially Luffy) care anymore though. But being absent for so many chapters, their next appearance should be no less than epic, agree?

Being a major player of the current arc, Issho's absent is making me uneasy, especially after recent his showhand with Doflamingo. Don't think he is there in the room with Doflamingo, Law and Riku. Where could he possibly be now? Regrouping with the Marines? Wondering about aimlessly in Doflamingo's castle? Heading towards one of the opposing assault side? I read one interesting idea regarding this: he is heading towards Zoro vs Pica area. Once he reach, opinions branched. Some say he will duel Zoro, leaving Pica to move to other areas of chaos. Some say he will join Zoro to defeat Pica, though this is not in his current characteristics and stand to be siding Zoro at the moment. Some say will be a three way fight, a very interesting and exciting thought but not likely.

Should Usopp really did NOT take action and operation SOP did not proceed as planned (Sugar is not KO'ed), what do you think are the odds of Luffy getting impatient and bursting into the room to confront Doflamingo face-to-face (without a battle plan of course)? Tell me