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  • Despite all that she did, Hancock remains in the Shichibukai position. I wonder how did she got away with all the things she did during Marineford, one of the most significant being in a direct fight against Smoker, an ally. Could her deliberate pretentious act carry her so far?
  • Something feels odd about this Doflamingo's pace thingy. The way its being mentioned (at both MStream and MReader / MPanda) raises suspicious. At the MS translation, Usopp stated this "pace" thing is a specialty of his (referring Doflamingo) and Law can be seen multiple times mentioning about "not being pull into his pace" on both translations. Could Doflamingo's ability be somewhat hypnotic related? He hypnotises target with his "cool, smooth and charming" talks and then gain control over their body?
  • Right about the time when Doflamingo said he has something that Luffy may want quite badly (during his chat with Luffy), I actually thought that it was Luffy's heart - dissected by Law and given to Doflamingo. It is kinda like POTC: Dead Man's Chest, a chest containing Luffy's thumping heart! Yohoho, its just me!
  • There is a fourth point but due to the lengthy description, I have decided to do a separate blog just for it...