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Without doubt, I think we all agree One Piece is a manga with tons of minute details all over the place. We have seen a lot of character tics, distinctive laughters, kinds of character designs, devil fruit abilities, location scenes, themes (for locations, groups of people, characters, etc), how the ante of power levels raised higher and higher, and so on.

Winding back to 1997, when Oda started this marvellous manga series, definitely he should have a good idea on how the manga story will progress and end, which formed the base foundation of the manga story we have followed all these times. But I am really curious how Oda manage to plan all those minute details for future story arcs which will be revealed in the near/far future.

Some examples of my curiousity are as below:

- at the start of the series (say during the late 90s), did Oda already had in mind the number of "powerful and notorious pirates who have allied themselves with the WG" will be (generally) seven and hence the title called Shichibukai?
- at the start of series, was Oda already set to use the Momotaro Legends theme on the admirals of the Marineford arc? Alternatively, Oda could have used the Three Musketeers theme on those said admirals... (just saying)
- way before the TS, does Oda already plan for the events of FI to be told in such way that we have seen currently (discrimiation and racist themed, reference to KKK, etc)?
- way before the introduction of a certain character (lets say Franky or Brook), has Oda already had in mind what their next power up will be like (Radical Beam for Franky and hell freeze cut for Brook), which will befitting the level of dangerousness of the New World that they will enter?

I am aware that perhaps the above could only be answered by Oda himself, but in my opinion, you just got to take your hats off to this man for not only his level of creativity but also his wide knowledge of our worldly matters (as he seems to be getting inspirations and/or references from around the globe) and also his excellent attention to details in storytelling.

Have a great weekend, people.

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