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Luffy post-TS : The battle above FI

AYET June 26, 2012 User blog:AYET

YOHOHOHOHO!! KONNICHIWA MINA-SAN!!! Have been occupied over the past few days, but now I'm BACK, WITH A "BONE"!!!

In a blog somewhere not too long ago, there was a debate about the subject title. Opinions were shared regarding how Luffy performed in his first major fight after his training with Ray-sensei. Some were impressed, others were not. All in all, consider what you have seen with your eyes from the manga plus your expectations from this very anticipated first performance from the protagonist, tell me how much are you satisfied with it (remember to bear in mind all the advantages he had, disadvantages he faced, his attack techniques, the tasks he need to achieve during the fight, etc). No Ifs, Buts and Ors, no assumptions, just what you see with your own eyes and tell me what you think.

How good do you feel about Luffy's performance?

The poll was created at 05:42 on June 26, 2012, and so far 18 people voted.

Now here comes the second part of the blog. Again based on the chain of events from the start of the battle until the end of it, name one other devil fruit user (Paramecian, Zoan and Logia allowed) who you think best can replace Luffy and fight this battle with ease or better. Who and why.

Lets start with a few nominations:

  • Sakazuki - he has the destructive force necessary to take down the Noah quickly and easily, but will he be able to handle Hody while cocooned inside a small bubble with limitted movements?
  • Borsalino - His laser attack should be enough to take on Hody, lasers are very powerful, but then lacks of the massive destructive power to stop Noah
  • Kuzan - I think he could eye for a good chance to encase Hody into an ice coffin, thus easily KO him, but what about him stopping Noah?

p.s. Hody could NOT bite into these logias...

  • Marco - Should be able to handle Hody's attacks and heal but could do nothing much about Noah
  • Jozu - Which is stronger? Diamond form or Hody's piercing or biting attacks? But still weak against Noah...
  • Whitebeard - Hmm...

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