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Wow! Luffy is spent... TOTALLY! And still Doflamingo gets up despite the best that Luffy can dish out to him, period! 10 mins is a LONG time people, tides can be overturned with that much amount of time left.

Having Burgess and Sabo (the next two power players) in to the mix is just but a distraction, ultimately the main fight between the protagonist and current arc antagonist needs to come to an end.

Those colosseum fighters are just fodders, I don't believe they will be able to do contribute much to the cause (of bringing down the tyrant).

I have seen comments at other websites, many got disappointed that Luffy's last attack did not take Doflamingo out for good, and the rant goes on and on. The main focus of conversation is now mainly about whether will the story go on with the conventional "Luffy-alone-takes-down-opponent" or the unorthodox "Luffy-plus-allies-taking-down-opponent". Currently, the responses that I saw were people disappointed with Luffy's current progress, wasted his 2Y training, still could not defend what he wants to defend, needs help to take down real antagonist, blah blah..

So here, what do you think of this? The questions are:

1) How do you feel about Luffy and his fight against Doflamingo to-date (notice I use to-date, meaning to summarise the fight up to this point of chapter 786)? Yes, he tried his best with Gear 2nd and 3rd, no success. He pulls out his best yet, Gear 4th, still it did not KO Doflamingo. Worst, he is currently down and vulnerable due to the drawbacks. So what is running in your mind in this?

2) How do you want the fight to progress from here on? Should it still stick to a one on one or should it now become a combined effort (disgrace and honor is a different matter on this)?

Have a good weekend.

Lets do a simple poll.

How do you want the fight go on from here?

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