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Here's a simple blog for our enjoyment.

What I am asking from you is a one word that you think accurately describes something relating to One Piece series.

That "something relating to OP" can be a character, a thing, a scene, an action, a technique, an expression, a story arc etc etc.

Some random examples (purely random, don't take seriously and get offended and all ok):

  • Robin = Ugly (character)
  • FI arc = Booooring (story arc)
  • Kitsunebi-ryu = Ubool (technique; uber + cool)
  • The room at PH with the frozen prisoners = KOWAI !!! (scene)

Think you get the drills now?

Let loose your mind and share away!!! YOHOHOHOHO!!!

Happy weekend people!

p.s. Oh, and a Happy International Women's Day to all the gurls and ladies in the wikia! Also I would like to include a shout-out to my wife as well ^_^